Long Lost Friends & Family

19 Jul

Last week was full of the wonder if facebook and e mail. Through Facebook, I learned that I live in the same neighborhood as a few high school friends and they are now family with each other. Small world. Another crazy coincidence, one of them lives practically next door to where I taught cooking camp. Therefore we hooked up with them for a play-date. When Missy Mack and I arrived, their cousins were there to play too. Their cousins are children of a good friend from high school too! It was wild watching all these long time friend’s children play together.


Next, my aunt e mailed. We haven’t seen anyone from my dad’s side of the family in 3 years. Missy Mack got to meet her 4 year old cousin, Layla Grace and her newest cousin, Ashton. We had lunch and then later went over for a swim and dinner in their Austin home.




Since its been 6 years since my dad died, it is crazy to see my uncle and how much he looks like my dad. Freaks me out and makes me smile.

Yesterday, we met Coco & TM for the Katy Perry movie. At first, I was thinking I would hate it, but I would sacrifice my embarrassment for my daughter’s love for KP. However, I loved the movie, I loved listening to TM & Missy Mack sing every word to each song, I love seeing the KP story and the concert was just amazing. The girls were dancing and having a great time!

This week, I also had two swim play-dates with a long time friend at her parent’s beautiful lake home.

Missy Mack and her friend thought this would be a good idea. It didn’t happen, but it was funny that they tried.

Then we met Mamma To the A’s at a mini water park for water park joy and then water park burn. I am a crispy tomato, who is very sun sick, but it was fun.

Missy Mack rode this crazy water slide

And our friend got this great underwater picture.

One Response to “Long Lost Friends & Family”

  1. Sara July 25, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    Sounds like y’all are keeping busy!!! Fun stuff!

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