Let’s Try Again

18 Sep

The blog and I had to break up. I’m not sure why exactly, but we needed some space. Just when I have too much going on in my life, I’m back!

Really, it’s because of Missy Mack. She is a funny girl and I want to make sure I write some of this stuff down before its forgotten.

I’ll try to catch up along the way. We have moved. Just down the road, but a move. During the move, the grandparents came to help and brought Missy Mack this


Then today, they sent the costume. It is just so funny!


Also, we were talking about hunting tonight and Missy Mack tells me she doesn’t think she could hunt because
#1. I am scared of guns.
#2. I love animals and I don’t want to hurt animals except gorillas. I don’t like gorillas.

Funny kid.

I love her.


One Response to “Let’s Try Again”

  1. Cindy September 18, 2012 at 3:21 pm #

    I don’t like hunting either but I love eating the animals my family hunts!

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