I’m Bad, But Let’s Try This Thankful Thing

7 Nov

I never post any more. Why? I am busy as hell. My job keeps me so busy. My child keeps me busy. You know, life, it’s busy.
I like this idea of spending 30 days being thankful. It’s like the down and dirty version of Oprah’s graditude journal. So what if it is Day 6. Let’s just start there and see if I can get you caught up along the way.

November 1st: I am thankful for these two:


They are funny and in love with each other. On the 1st, we had a late start day, which was nice the day after Halloween. Mr. Mack took Missy Mack to school. They had some special time together and I got to go to my meeting without a worry in the world about my kiddo. I do have walking pneumonia at the moment, I am thankful to have a willing husband to help share in the daily care for our love.

November 2nd- I can’t decide what I am thankful for on this day. A lot went down. I am thankful for Pizza and Wine night. I am thankful that a friend came to my house for happy hour. I am thankful that someone else had to deal with drama today. It seems I always get the drama at my school and today, I got to give a hug and words of encouragement instead of needing that from someone else.


November 3rd- I am thankful for weekends with my whole family. We no longer own the bike shop and we get to all three spend our weekends together as a family. We usually go to the downtown Farmers Market, take Missy Mack to ballet at Ballet Austin, where today we got to watch people practicing for The Nutcracker, and today was our school carnival. Missy Mack had a great time running around with friends and I loved seeing my students laughing and having fun.


November 4th- Today I am thankful for rest. I did not get out of bed all day. I stayed in my PJs and did my best to get rid of my sickness.

November 5th- Today, I am thankful that my BFF is pregnant with twins. She has tried so hard to be a mama and she finally can say it is coming and in a big way. I am happy I see her face at school each day right now because I know it will not be long before she will no longer be allowed to come to school. Here are some pictures of our friend telling Missy Mack that she is expecting twins. There is a funny video on FB.

November 6th- I am thankful for election day. I enjoy the excitement in the air on this day. We are a political family and we have our opinions, but honestly, I just love that I live in a Nation where I am allowed to have an opinion and it doesn’t have to be the same as my neighbor and friend. I am so happy that we are allowed to be different and express that in a vote. I praise the women who came before me and fought for that right.


I am also thankful that now that we both have paying jobs in our house, that I have a cleaning lady. I can not express the joy I feel when I walk in the door of my clean house. My toilet is clean, my sink is clean, my carpet and floors feel fabulous. It is awesome and I am so very grateful!


Let’s see if I can keep this up. I miss y’all!


One Response to “I’m Bad, But Let’s Try This Thankful Thing”

  1. Cindy November 7, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    Miss you too … but I completely understand that busy as he** thing! That’s why I don’t post. Love the first photo of Missy and Mr. Feel better my friend!!

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