Maybe I am only Thankful once a week?

13 Nov

It was almost a week ago that I decided to start stating what I am thankful for each day. I guess it’s not horrible, but not really the plan.


November 7th- I am thankful that my child goes to a school that does some pretty fun stuff. Today is the 50th day of school. How does 1st grade celebrate? With a sock hop. The kids dressed in poodle skirts, white t-shirts and their socks. They had root beer floats and had a dance party learning the hand jive and a few others. Super fun!

November 8th- Today I am thankful for conferences. I attended a technology conference today and they are just so rejuvenating as a teacher. This one was validating, fun and bonus, I learned a few things. I could have listened to this keynote speaker all day long. She was witty and clearly someone who truly loves working with kids. If you want to see some cool inspiring teachers, check out her blog with her work. Amazing! @dlaunfenberg

November 9th- Today, I have two things to be thankful for.

1. The crazy group of supportive and professional women I work with as a specialist. I appreciate the way these way take their job so seriously, how they love children, believe in finding a special place for smart creative students, prefect their craft every time we are together and find humor in all the stress! Today, they brought a cardboard cut out of a scoring guru to sit with us at the table for humor and inspiration.


2. My friend found out today that she hit her one year marker as cancer free after a bit of a scare. She went in for a check up and they found things. They dug deeper, it was tumors. She was so down. They scheduled her to start chemo and then called on Friday to tell her that they all came back benign and were just nodules and she was CANCER FREE! Praise God! We danced after the kids left as a staff and celebrated her life! It was beautiful!

November 10th- Need I Say More!

November 11- We did the most special and fun thing I have done in a long time. One of the grandparents got tickets for Missy Mack, Gmommy, Honey and me to attend the American Girl Fashion Show benefiting Dell Children’s Hospital. This was such a special, cute and fun day for the girls. Missy Mack got a special tote for her and her doll, a doll salon hairdo, hot chocolate bar and a fashion show of the history of how girls and their fashions have changed complete with a friend being a model in the show. Cute stuff. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go and for all of us to experience it together.




November 12- Today I am thank for the men and women who have risked their lives and made sacrifices from their families to serve in our military and fight in wars. Particularly, my step dad. He has really struggled with PTSD from his time in Vietnam and has worked so hard to get healed mentally and deal with what he saw at a too young age. Last night, at Chili’s his meal was taken care of by Chili’s and today we honored him at yet another special event at school. Our school does such a great job of honor our Veterans and teaching our children about honor and patriotism.

Last, I am so thankful that there are still moments like these in our lives:



One Response to “Maybe I am only Thankful once a week?”

  1. Cindy November 14, 2012 at 3:11 am #

    What does your step dad’s hat say?? It looks very familiar to an organization my step dad is in – he was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Message me and let me know. Who knows, they might know each other. He spent some time in Mineral Wells, TX in the Army.

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