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354: What Happened Here?

30 Mar

Let’s start with today is a day off.

The entire family slept until 8 AM. Miraculous.

Missy Mack and I crafted and Mad Libbed at read in bed until 10:30 bi did laundry, she watched a movie and the we were off to the races. We stopped first for lunch far away from home at Taco Bueno. A few days ago, I learned that a conference I am speaking at this summer needs a headshot. Yikes! I made hair and make up a picture appointments with a few friends and loaded up our day off.

I wish I had a before picture. My hair was long, heavy and without style. Then this happened. href=””>20130329-214200.jpg

Now it’s this


There was a beautiful make up artist at the Mac counter in Dlliards (thanks to my friend) who did her magic.

After Missy Mack’s patients with sitting and waiting Mommy, I rewarded her with an Easter visit to Build A Bear ( we need another like we need a whole in the head but she put up with a lot).


Then we headed to my friends house for her to work her camera magic. I guess I’ll post those when she edits.

Then dinner and I return to candy wrappers all over my house. Mr. Scruffy found the Easter bunny’s stash and ate Missy Mack’s dark chocolate bunny and kit kats. Damn dog! I thought chocolate killed dogs?



He knows he’s in trouble.

Lastly? I was sucked in this morning by a co-workers husband’s FB page about his struggle with bipolar. Fascinating and heart breaking. Like his page ‘Tales From the World of Bipolar Disorder’. I hope this journey continues to help him and his family.


355: Strawberry Fields Forever

29 Mar





Today, Missy Mack’s grade took a field trip to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls. They picked, strawberries, prepared a pumpkin seed for planting and fed goats.

I am blessed to work in a school where several moms sent pictures and a teacher who texted photos on the bus ride back since I couldn’t go on the trip. These are the moments that I know we are part of community and I feel very lucky.

The strawberries were yum and we had a tired punpkin


356: Dollar, dollar, bills Y’all!

28 Mar

In addition to the teacher, mother, wife, writer thing I do, I also work with student council kids at my school. Each year our officers picks a charitable organization to raise money for throughout the year. This year, they chose The Make-A-Wish Foundation. One of our member’s Aunt had a personal experience with the foundation came and shared her family’s story. To grant a wish, you have to meet a certain dollar amount, which I am certain we will not do. The Aunt challenged us to raise half the money and she would match us.

Game on!

Our annual fundraiser is basket sales. The members are given a dollar amount that they must raise by doing chores or jobs to purchase the items for their desired basket theme. The short week before Easter, we sell fifty cent raffle tickets before and after school. The tickets go into buckets for the basket they want. On Thursday, we draw to see who wins each basket.

Today it took us an hour to count the money from just today’s sells. We made more today than we did in total last year and over twice as much in total compared to this year to last year. It’s truly amazing that this amount of money can be raised in such a short time.

Here is the picture of the counted money and all the buckets with massive amounts of t





357: A Day for the Books

27 Mar


Alright, here’s where I may loose some people, but oh well, you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. We don’t have to agree and I am ok with that.

This symbol is from The Human Rights Campaign, who works to ensure LGBT people equal rights and they can be open and safe. They turned their equality logo red in honor of of the Supreme Court beginning to hear oral arguments on if the gay marriage rights some states have granted are constitutional. There are two cases that are being heard. Based on the arguments today, the Supreme Court doesn’t really want to rule on this one.

I’m not waving my gay pride flag, although I would, I’m just saying treat everyone equal. It seems simple and straight forward to me. I know what the bible says, but I also know God so lets just leave it at that.

I post this today because this ruling, if they choose to rule, might be one of the most monumental rulings the Supreme Court will make in my life time. Although, it might be months before their ruling, today was the beginning.

I have a little lump in my throat as I watch social media turn red in honor of this day.

358- Not By The Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin

26 Mar

A conversation between the man in the woman in the Mack house:

Scene: Mr. Mack playing golf on the Wii in the bedroom. Mrs. Mack enters the room.

Merry: I seriously am about to shave my chin.

Mr.: What? (Laughing and a stunned pause) Wait, can you rewind and you give me a lead up?

Merry: I’m serious.

Mr. : Why don’t you get it waxed?

Merry: Feel this. (Walks up and places his fingers lightly across the chin)

Mr.: (Jerks his hand back) You do have some serious prickly bits on your chin. Just do it! I’ll do it!

Mr. Mack grabs his razor from the bathroom, brings Mrs. Mack into the light and begins shaving her chin. They both break out in laughter.

Mr. Mack: This takes our relationship to a whole new level.

Merry: Really? We have a kid.

Chin is instantly smooth. Much easier than plucking. I am now worried it will grow back thicker and more. Mr. Mack’s logic is no because otherwise people who are bald would have a thick full head of hair. I have never shaved my face and I wonder, is this wrong? Should I have tried sooner? Here’s the deal, they are white invisible hairs under my chin. They are not long because I will not let it get long. I’m obsessed. Now I wonder what kind of evil have a started?

This prompted me to finally break out my new razor. I had one just like it for years and I love it. I started noticing even when I change the blade it still doesn’t work as it should. I had a brilliant idea, get a new razor. It’s totally amazing! I highly recommend this multi-purpose gem.


That’s all.

The New Stuff: Day 359

25 Mar

We started our day earlier than normal because we went to early church to see two of my former students get confirmed. It was a joyful Palm Sunday.

We stopped at our neighborhood farmers market on the way home and pick up these two beauties (among other things):


Those would be wild baby strawberries that are super delicious and a full lavender plant. I can’t wait for lavender lemonade and lavender roast chicken and maybe convince Mr. Mack to make some lavender beer. Can you tell I like lavender?

Later in the day we went to look at the nursery for my BFF’s twins that will be here soon. She is a former director if Camp Grady Spruce so she is doing a camp theme in the boy’s room. It is so cute and ready for new lives!




Her husband used his super powers and has handmade this beautiful canoe bookshelf. It truly is a work of art



The detail is amazing. These are some lucky little boys and I can’t wait for them to arrive.


The Saturday Routine: Day 360

24 Mar

On Saturdays, we sleep in at the Mack house. We do that on Sundays, too, but it’s a rule. Then, we get up and head downtown for Missy Mack’s dance class at:


If we get there early, we walk the Farmers Market across the street and during her class, Mr. Mack reads and I write. Today, I was fortunate enough to visit with my friend, whose daughter I teach and also takes class at the same time as Missy Mack.

We inquired about next week’s performance called Cult of Color. It looks interesting, but tickets are $50, so no thank you.


We needed comfort food after yesterday, so we headed to our favorite fried chicken joint to share a bucket. We watched our child seriously gnaw on 4 pieces if fried chicken. Yeah for Lucy’s!



We usually head to whole food or other errands, but today, Missy Mack had been invited to a small Bday party for a new student to our school, a little girl spa party at Snip Its
Seriously, cutest thing ever!



We headed home for homemade pizza and movie night.

Simple, but treasured. I love that we don’t have such busy lives that we are all our separate places on the weekends. When Mr. Mack had the bike shop, we were never all three together on the weekends. I loved my girl time with Missy Mack, but I love us all being together so much better.

Today, I tried to breath it all in as my heart was heavy for my friend. It seems so small, but today, every moment we were together was bigger than it had been before.