The Saturday Routine: Day 360

24 Mar

On Saturdays, we sleep in at the Mack house. We do that on Sundays, too, but it’s a rule. Then, we get up and head downtown for Missy Mack’s dance class at:


If we get there early, we walk the Farmers Market across the street and during her class, Mr. Mack reads and I write. Today, I was fortunate enough to visit with my friend, whose daughter I teach and also takes class at the same time as Missy Mack.

We inquired about next week’s performance called Cult of Color. It looks interesting, but tickets are $50, so no thank you.


We needed comfort food after yesterday, so we headed to our favorite fried chicken joint to share a bucket. We watched our child seriously gnaw on 4 pieces if fried chicken. Yeah for Lucy’s!



We usually head to whole food or other errands, but today, Missy Mack had been invited to a small Bday party for a new student to our school, a little girl spa party at Snip Its
Seriously, cutest thing ever!



We headed home for homemade pizza and movie night.

Simple, but treasured. I love that we don’t have such busy lives that we are all our separate places on the weekends. When Mr. Mack had the bike shop, we were never all three together on the weekends. I loved my girl time with Missy Mack, but I love us all being together so much better.

Today, I tried to breath it all in as my heart was heavy for my friend. It seems so small, but today, every moment we were together was bigger than it had been before.


One Response to “The Saturday Routine: Day 360”

  1. Angie March 24, 2013 at 11:17 pm #

    I don’t enjoy over scheduled weekends either. I like downtime 🙂

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