358- Not By The Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin

26 Mar

A conversation between the man in the woman in the Mack house:

Scene: Mr. Mack playing golf on the Wii in the bedroom. Mrs. Mack enters the room.

Merry: I seriously am about to shave my chin.

Mr.: What? (Laughing and a stunned pause) Wait, can you rewind and you give me a lead up?

Merry: I’m serious.

Mr. : Why don’t you get it waxed?

Merry: Feel this. (Walks up and places his fingers lightly across the chin)

Mr.: (Jerks his hand back) You do have some serious prickly bits on your chin. Just do it! I’ll do it!

Mr. Mack grabs his razor from the bathroom, brings Mrs. Mack into the light and begins shaving her chin. They both break out in laughter.

Mr. Mack: This takes our relationship to a whole new level.

Merry: Really? We have a kid.

Chin is instantly smooth. Much easier than plucking. I am now worried it will grow back thicker and more. Mr. Mack’s logic is no because otherwise people who are bald would have a thick full head of hair. I have never shaved my face and I wonder, is this wrong? Should I have tried sooner? Here’s the deal, they are white invisible hairs under my chin. They are not long because I will not let it get long. I’m obsessed. Now I wonder what kind of evil have a started?

This prompted me to finally break out my new razor. I had one just like it for years and I love it. I started noticing even when I change the blade it still doesn’t work as it should. I had a brilliant idea, get a new razor. It’s totally amazing! I highly recommend this multi-purpose gem.


That’s all.


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