356: Dollar, dollar, bills Y’all!

28 Mar

In addition to the teacher, mother, wife, writer thing I do, I also work with student council kids at my school. Each year our officers picks a charitable organization to raise money for throughout the year. This year, they chose The Make-A-Wish Foundation. One of our member’s Aunt had a personal experience with the foundation came and shared her family’s story. To grant a wish, you have to meet a certain dollar amount, which I am certain we will not do. The Aunt challenged us to raise half the money and she would match us.

Game on!

Our annual fundraiser is basket sales. The members are given a dollar amount that they must raise by doing chores or jobs to purchase the items for their desired basket theme. The short week before Easter, we sell fifty cent raffle tickets before and after school. The tickets go into buckets for the basket they want. On Thursday, we draw to see who wins each basket.

Today it took us an hour to count the money from just today’s sells. We made more today than we did in total last year and over twice as much in total compared to this year to last year. It’s truly amazing that this amount of money can be raised in such a short time.

Here is the picture of the counted money and all the buckets with massive amounts of t






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