354: What Happened Here?

30 Mar

Let’s start with today is a day off.

The entire family slept until 8 AM. Miraculous.

Missy Mack and I crafted and Mad Libbed at read in bed until 10:30 bi did laundry, she watched a movie and the we were off to the races. We stopped first for lunch far away from home at Taco Bueno. A few days ago, I learned that a conference I am speaking at this summer needs a headshot. Yikes! I made hair and make up a picture appointments with a few friends and loaded up our day off.

I wish I had a before picture. My hair was long, heavy and without style. Then this happened. href=”https://mrsmerrymack.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/20130329-214200.jpg”>20130329-214200.jpg

Now it’s this


There was a beautiful make up artist at the Mac counter in Dlliards (thanks to my friend) who did her magic.

After Missy Mack’s patients with sitting and waiting Mommy, I rewarded her with an Easter visit to Build A Bear ( we need another like we need a whole in the head but she put up with a lot).


Then we headed to my friends house for her to work her camera magic. I guess I’ll post those when she edits.

Then dinner and I return to candy wrappers all over my house. Mr. Scruffy found the Easter bunny’s stash and ate Missy Mack’s dark chocolate bunny and kit kats. Damn dog! I thought chocolate killed dogs?



He knows he’s in trouble.

Lastly? I was sucked in this morning by a co-workers husband’s FB page about his struggle with bipolar. Fascinating and heart breaking. Like his page ‘Tales From the World of Bipolar Disorder’. I hope this journey continues to help him and his family.


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