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333: Maybe I Over Did It

30 Apr

Today I played hooky with the idea that I would have a day to recover from my too much fun weekend. However, I slept the entire day. Not rested, slept. I woke up to help Missy Mack get ready for school, Mr. Mack took her to school, I slept and slept and slept. I woke up to watch The Young & the Restless, went back to sleep, woke up to pick up Missy Mack, went back to sleep, woke up to eat lovely sushi and went back to sleep. My face and head hurt so bad. It’s like my antibiotics stopped working.

On another note, Missy Mack tried sushi tonight. Several nibbles. We are so proud. She had one bite left and claimed she didn’t like it, but she wanted it and tried it.



334: Oh, so tired…

29 Apr

That’s about it. Girls weekends can wear you out.


I love my girls


But I missed these two and I was glad to see them.


335: Lots of Kitty Talk

27 Apr

We have shopped until we dropped today.

We started the day with manis and pedis.


Then, we shopped and shopped and shopped.

After, we sat around and discussed kitties or your china, again. I tried to tell my friend she should offer Vajazzaling at her spa. These girls didn’t know what it was and if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I’m a bit obsessed with this topic. So, I showed them this video. Spa friend texted her people & told them to look into it as a joke. They wrote back ‘Bling bling for the ding ding’. I found this picture to give them a visual.


Then, we learned about Vajacials. The description actually makes since if you are into that kind of maintenance.

Clearly, we find kitties facilitating.

We went out for our fancy dinner and did our best to behave ourselves, which was challenging.


All day, we have been following the NFL draft to see where our beloved Aggies will be playing next year. During dinner one of our girls starts getting texts and phone calls from Dustin Harris’ family. Dustin plays for ATM and his parent’s seats to the games are right next to my friends seats. They have become friends over the years and travel to away games together. Anyway, they invited us over after the Cowboys called Dustin and told him to report to training camp, so we got to meet the newest Dallas Cowboy!


Fun, fun, fun!

336: Welcome to Aggieland

27 Apr


Today was the start of my annual Aggie Girls Weekend. Once again, our friend had a friend who offered their home for the weekend. As soon as we all got there, we headed to Wings & More for beer, rings and wings. Fabulous!

We laughed til I wet my pants last night. Since we left each other a year ago, a lot has happened in our lives.
1. One of us quit their 14 year career at Dell and opened her own Med Spa.
2. One of had their first alcoholic late night in 39 years.
3. One of us left the school they taught in for 11 years for a new campus.
4. One of lost her best friend, on again-off again boyfriend and roommate in a horrific car accuse.

We had lots to catch up on!

We started to pick our beds and found this creepiness.



337: Spoken Word

26 Apr

Just saw this on FB. I can’t decide if this is stupid that I thought this was an American problem

Testing Will Not Be Our Fate

338: Jail Break

24 Apr



My sweet friend and Mr. L were released today and they headed over to the children’s hospital so the brothers could be reunited and the whole family could be together.

Yesterday, they sent mom over to the children’s hospital and the nurses said that Mr. A was awake more than he had been since his arrival and he couldn’t take his eyes off of his mom.

It is amazing the connections that are made before you ever lay eyes on each other.

God is good.

339: May the Scores Be With You

24 Apr


A teacher was wearing a similar shirt to school today. Super funny.

I hate this mother fucking tests. I hate what it does to children. I hate what it does to teachers. I hate what it does to administrators. I hate what it does to schools. I hate our legislators, NCLB, Race to the Top, all of it. It is not good for anyone except Pearson. Fuck Pearson.

I spent the evening emailing back and forth with a few parents of my students, the gifted ones, coaching through the melt downs and roller coasters their children are on due to the testing environment at school this week. My students, the above average ones, are wound up. Imagine what the struggling children are feeling.

It’s just not right. We aren’t teaching thinking, problem solving or anything we value in our society ….. Except a test score. Why do we value these arbitrary numbers?

I read this article this week and it speaks so loud and clear, I don’t understand why we are creating an education system like this? Is this what we want? No. So, why?