345: Why Do Forget About Bowling?

8 Apr

Today, Missy Mack was invited to a bowling party at Dart Bowl. As we entered and took this place in, we immediately thought, Why do we never bowl?

Before, I go further, I must share the awesome birthday gift we brought. I stole the idea off Pinterest and I have been trying like crazy to convince Missy Mack that this was the perfect gift.



In case you can’t tell, there is cash in the balloons. Missy Mack reports that this friend LOVES cash, so perfect!

This place was groovy! It had great bowling memorabilia, beer steins and just that vibe of nostalgia.



The particular group of moms at this party are just my favorite and I love hanging with these moms (and the dads). Throughout the party, I learn that this bowling alley is famous or infamous. They have been in magazines, food shows and even political scandal for these enchiladas. The parents were served the enchiladas and the kids got quesadillas, nuggets and fries. They had cookie cake, which Missy Mack loved, another item I am always trying to convince her is a good idea. The mom, made cake balls to look like bowling balls and rice Krispy treats to look like bowling pins. Super cute!


Missy Mack bowled a 71 and her friend asked if they got to keep the shoes!


We found the bar and their prices are stuck in 1984. What a treat!

Missy Mack had a great time!


We left resolved to have a parent/kid night out at Dart Bowl in the near future.


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