344: There’s a Monster in the Tub

9 Apr

Again, had plans for a different post until I was in the bathtub staring at this:


Meet our bath time Barbie friends. They have been around for years and are in truly sad shape. As I am letting the heat envelope me from my bath, I start staring at these Barbies.

Every single one of the has mangled hands and fingers. As if a brand new puppy has been chewing on them. Click on the picture and zoom in.


Who knows how long their hands have been snacks? I guess it could be possible that Scruffy could have chewed on the Barbie hands, but my gut just says no.

That child has been chewing away on poor Barbie’s hands. It’s bad enough that Barbie is a disproportionate girl and clearly makes hooker fashion choices, but now she needs plastic surgery.

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