341: Homework

12 Apr

We had a crazy long day. After a too late dinner far from home, I finally get around to asking Missy Mack what is the homework for tonight. It’s usually read a book, complete some questions or do some math homework. It rarely takes more than 20 min. She tells me in the car on the long ride home that she is to find a poem at home, read it and then write her own poem. Yikes!

After her bath, I rummage through our hundreds of books and find zero poetry books. Zero. How is that possible that in house where we don’t have enough shelves for our books, there is not a single poetry book? I couldn’t even find my favorite


We did spend an abnormally long time in my classroom where I have dozens of poetry books. Missy Mack didn’t mention poetry homework while we were at school…. I’m cussing myself and her teacher!

I look at the assignment. It was really to find a poem at home and copy it down in her reader’s notebook. That’s simpler, but still hard without a poetry book.

I got a kid poetry book app and we found the shortest poem because they were all long for Missy Mack to copy. I thought we’d be copying until 10 PM, but she surprised me! She did so well. She has grown academically so much this year. I am so proud.

Here’s the poem we found.



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