345: Uneventful

17 Apr

We all stayed home today to hopefully kick this stuff. Sadly, we watched the scary and sad news of Boston. When these things happen, I find it so difficult to understand. Violence is something my head cannot digest in any way. There were three families at my school who were running the marathon. One finished 15 min before the bomb, one 8 minutes before the bomb and they are safe. One mom was injured and in the hospital. I am not sure of her status since I wasn’t at school today. At any rate, it just blows my mind.

Mr. Mack brought home treats for the sick and weary since he had to stop into his office after his doctor’s appointment.


He also brought home protection, which he apparently wore at work.


Missy Mack has decided the mask is brilliant because you don’t have to cover your mouth when coughing.

I feel rotten but life returns tomorrow.


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