344: Cutest Open House Ever

19 Apr

Tonight was open house. Honestly, I was dreading it. I hate late school nights. We all feel like crap in our house. I just wanted to go home. Then we walked into this scene

At each seat, had stuffed chairs to look like each first grader in the class. They had a writing portfolio from the beginning of the year to show their growth. The note on top explains how their writing has changed throughout the year.

Here is her and her writing the first day of school


And… If she were President:

It reads, ‘If I were president, I would make sure people had food, water, medicine, money that would be good.’

Then we have her gingerbread story:


Some writing about Mr. Lincoln and the making of some leaders.




That would be George Washington and Martin Luther King. FYI. I suggest Mr. Washington should see a chiropractor.

Then we read her fairy tale that she made into a Puppet Pal on the iPad and a partner project video they made about combining two animals together called eZoo. Missy Mack and her partner Princess S did a spotdingo, which is an eagle and a dolphin together. Poetry about things they didn’t like was hanging from the ceiling. Missy Mack wrote about Strawberries.

Anyway, it was great! She was so excited. She was bursting with pride and so were we!

It was a fun night.

P.S. Happy 1/2 Birthday, Missy Mack. You are one darn cute and smart 7 1/2 year old!



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