335: Lots of Kitty Talk

27 Apr

We have shopped until we dropped today.

We started the day with manis and pedis.


Then, we shopped and shopped and shopped.

After, we sat around and discussed kitties or your china, again. I tried to tell my friend she should offer Vajazzaling at her spa. These girls didn’t know what it was and if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I’m a bit obsessed with this topic. So, I showed them this video. Spa friend texted her people & told them to look into it as a joke. They wrote back ‘Bling bling for the ding ding’. I found this picture to give them a visual.


Then, we learned about Vajacials. The description actually makes since if you are into that kind of maintenance.

Clearly, we find kitties facilitating.

We went out for our fancy dinner and did our best to behave ourselves, which was challenging.


All day, we have been following the NFL draft to see where our beloved Aggies will be playing next year. During dinner one of our girls starts getting texts and phone calls from Dustin Harris’ family. Dustin plays for ATM and his parent’s seats to the games are right next to my friends seats. They have become friends over the years and travel to away games together. Anyway, they invited us over after the Cowboys called Dustin and told him to report to training camp, so we got to meet the newest Dallas Cowboy!


Fun, fun, fun!


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