336: Welcome to Aggieland

27 Apr


Today was the start of my annual Aggie Girls Weekend. Once again, our friend had a friend who offered their home for the weekend. As soon as we all got there, we headed to Wings & More for beer, rings and wings. Fabulous!

We laughed til I wet my pants last night. Since we left each other a year ago, a lot has happened in our lives.
1. One of us quit their 14 year career at Dell and opened her own Med Spa.
2. One of had their first alcoholic late night in 39 years.
3. One of us left the school they taught in for 11 years for a new campus.
4. One of lost her best friend, on again-off again boyfriend and roommate in a horrific car accuse.

We had lots to catch up on!

We started to pick our beds and found this creepiness.




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