323: Sea World Take II

11 May

Today I am on my way back to Sea World, but this time with Missy Mack and the McFamily. We played hooky for the day to hang with friends. I haven’t download my pictures yet so this is only phone pictures.

Missy Mack rode her first roller coaster, which was a baby coaster. It scared her and she wasn’t down for anything bigger.


We saw the beautiful Azul show. The Beluga Whales were not cooperating today.


I want to do this one day. I dream of being a trapeze artist. It’s so cool.

We had a Shamu snack.


Missy Mack did find a ride she loved: the Rio Loco


One where you get soaking wet every time. She rode this over and over by herself with her lover while I went with the Big C Man on the Steel Eel over and over.

It was a perfect Sea World day.Cloudy, not sunny, breezy and a light sprinkle in the afternoon.

We said goodbye in the parking lot and wished our time was longer.

As we entered the park, I learned Mr. A lost his fight and ran to Jesus. I did my best to be present in the day but my heart is sad.


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