319: I Hate Cable. That’s All.

14 May

We have been without cable for 2 years. It only sucked during football season. Things have turned around for us lately and for about 6 months we have been on the fence. Do we bring it back or not?

Last week, Mr. Mack bit the bullet and got cable. I pretty much haven’t seen him since. He watches the shitiest crap on tv, so he goes in another room. I have seen him watch the same Anthony Bordain show 7x in the last two days and I have seen it at least 3x. I miss him.

I might admit that I am curious about Duck Dynasty and now I could figure out that mystery. I do love Jon Stewart and I am happy for him to be back in my life. However, I liked limited choices, reading and talking to my family.

I hate cable. That’s all.


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