317: Make-A-Wish

16 May

Today was a great day! I am one if the student council sponsors at my school. Each year our officers pick one charity to do fundraising for the year. This year, they picked The Make-A-Wish Foundation. We had a personal contact that came and spoke to the kids about how it all worked. We had to raise $5,000 to grant someone’s wish. We knew we couldn’t raise this much money. Last year, we raised $600 for Dell Children’s Hospital. The person who came to speak with us challenged us to raise $2,500 and her family would match our efforts. The adults in the room were shocked and knew we had to do whatever we could to make this happen.

These kids worked their booties off raising the money and they did it! Today we got to hand the ceremonious ‘Big Check’ to The Make-A-Wish Foundation and find out about the sweet family we are granting their wish to Disney World!


The meant to be part of this is the little girl whose wish we are granting has a genetic disorder and suffers from many things that Mr. A might have suffered from had if he had lived. It just felt so right.

I am bursting with pride for these kids!


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