308: Party In the Rain

26 May

Today we are filled with parties and what a great thing to have friends that invite. It has been raining for two days. I absolutely love the rain. I could live in Seattle and be perfectly happy.

We had a park Bday at lunch. It was raining but not hard, so it went on as planned. The kids loved it. It was an excuse to get dirty and wet!



Missy Mack said the slide was just like a water slide. It even threw her to the ground.


There was a piñata and boys who play baseball are pretty darn good at the piñata. It is amazing how good, fierce and aggressive these kids have become in one year. Even their younger siblings. This ain’t no kindergarten piñata. We put the preschoolers up front, then let the birthday boy take a whack and Missy Mack quickly arranged the rest of the party from youngest to oldest. I was so worried her never before swung a bat self would miss but she did great. She came at it so hard that she slipped.


Another whack and the first piece comes out.


The GIRL behind her cracked it open. It was fun.


Enjoying the rain as I get ready for sleep.


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