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274: Bus-i-ness

29 Jun

No pictures today. It was busy.

Pajama shopping
Lunch @ my favorite Taco Bueno
Library to sign up for summer reading, get books and movies
Get dinner for my BFF
Sign up for swim lessons
Drop dinner off and visit Mr. L
Return home to find the neighborhood out of electricity
Family movie night at Mr. Mack’s work. That was pretty cute.

The End


275: Not Leaving the House

28 Jun

I haven’t had any days of just being lazy at home. Today is the day. I spent a while in the bed.


Missy Mack came up with the genius idea for breakfast.


Also, my long life friend is beginning her year 39 journey so happy 39th, friend.


276: Home

28 Jun

I feel like I haven’t been home in ages. Today, I came home and I was so happy to be with all my people.

Even the cat was happy to see me


277: Get Your Party On

28 Jun

Today was better! Much.

I met one of my favorite authors, Peter Reynolds. He hugged me when I told him I taught gifted children and his books just spoke to me. We talked about our children and our projects. I might live him more now.

Then out Ed Tech directors took us to a few parties with food, drinks and great views.





Tonight was the big EdTech Karaoke event. The badge is coveted and its a fun party, but after to meet and greets, we decided to go back to the room. This is when things got interesting.

Texas Senator, Wendy Davis, filibustered a bill to outlaw abortions for 10 hours today and we got home just in time as things got interesting. I put my earbuds in and watched the live stream on my phone as the Republicans broke rules, the crowds chanting and while history was made. It was a proud moment.




Additionally, the Supreme Court ruled today that states that have passed same sex marriage laws were not unconstitutional.

It’s a proud day to be a liberal.

278: Conferencing with a Few Friends

28 Jun


Today, I shuffled around in the extreme heat on the river walk in San Antonio with a few 10,000 people. By lunch, I broke out into a severe panic attack. I realized as I raced back to my hotel room, that I haven’t taken my meds for this sort of thing in about a week. I barely made it to my room before the sweat, tears and panic began.

Thank goodness for my husband, the kindness if the taxi driver and a friendly pharmacist, I was back to normal by dinner.

Dinner was an invitation to the Texas Culture Society by a vendor with foods represented by each culture in Texas and an inspiring chat by Elia, who is super hot, on his goal to reach the Top of the World.

Good night, San Antonio, I’m glad I made it to the end of this day.


279: Fashionista

28 Jun


Someone should really teach my child how to match her clothes because I have clearly failed.

They both have pink, right?

This was my brief few hours at home before I head to San Antonio for International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) until Wednesday.

The keynote was Jane McGonigal talking about gaming in education. I’m not sure I am sold yet but it was interesting food for thought. Mr. Mack ended up quite jealous I got to hear her speak.


280: Spa Weekend

23 Jun

One of my friends recently opened a Med Spa called Renew Med Spa and she put together an amazing spa weekend for all her hookers this weekend.

We got body contouring, facials, massages and our makeup done. It was such a treat. A relaxing fun treat. We hung out all day together. It was great fun.