288:Frustration Ends in a Win

15 Jun

The day started out great. I had the best breakfast and coffee at the cutest, nicest small town coffee shop in Lyons. Missy Mack and I spotted this heart in the stone work where we were sitting.


Then the car place kept pushing back when we could come get the car. We finally just show up and it was ready (for who knows how long)! We get it the 4 blocks back to our friends house so we can load up and head to Vail, and notice it isn’t running right. Boo. We take it back. They work on it some more. They keep it longer. Again, we just show up and it seems to be doing great. We pack up and leave a day and 3 hours behind schedule.

We stopped and ate gross yet delightful 7-11 junk food if hotdogs, nachos (for me) and slurpees. We drove through some cool mining towns and arrive at the beautiful Vail.

We are staying at the Westin in at Beaver Creek and I cannot say enough fabulous things about this place. Our room rocks, complete with a fireplace, kitchen and bathroom with both a tub and a shower.


Robes on the bed= heaven

Our view from the bed


We take Missy Mack swimming and have a beer poolside while she makes friends. She opts for kids club at the hotel while Mr. Mack and I dine alone. Here’s our tiny queso fundito as our appetizer


We watch the sunset


Sit by the fire pit and listen to Missy Mack tell us all about her keychain making, secret field trip to the hotel kitchen and s’mores making while she was at kids club.

Now, we are laying in our fluffy bed, having drinks and reading.

It’s paradise.


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