271: Happy Anniversay

2 Jul

Happy Anniversary to me! Today Mr. Mack and I celebrate 13 years of marriage. Year 13, is textiles, fur and lace.

We splurged for a very fancy dinner at Uchi, a James Beard winner, and it was a delight. This food is amazing! The flavors explode in your mouth and are complex and layered.

We ate for hours tasting the menu. It was so fun.







We decided to skip dessert but the waitress would not take no for an answer so she sent us this lemon gelato, shortbread crumble, pistachios, and golden beet purée. It was amazing!

Then we went and bought a new comforter set for the textile portion of our anniversary. I love it! Then we went to the liquor store to buy the champagne we drank on our honeymoon.

I’m going to take a moment to be cheesy for a bit. I love my marriage. Mr. Mack is just the best and he just gets better with time. Our marriage has had it moments of difficulty. Not really our marriage, but life has had it’s challenges. We are people and we are flawed. We make mistakes, but the intentions are always out of love and respect. I’m so happy we have stuck it out and by each other throughout everything. I love raising Missy Mack with him. I miss him when we are away from each other and I can’t wait to share my day with each day. He is my best friend and we are made for each other!


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