269: My Heart Melts & Pickles

4 Jul

Tonight, my stuffy nosed little munchkin left this sweet surprise for me in my bathroom for me to see in the morning.


To Mommy:
Cookies are yummy
Cakes are too
Rubies are red
Violets are blue
Happy 4th of July
To you.
Love, Missy Mack

She is so sweet. She just melts my heart. All day today, she looks like a grown up so it was nice to be reminded of her sweetness. Mr. Mack said yesterday she was our baby and today she’s writing poetry! Very true.

I made pickles tonight. I love pickles. Love. I’m ok with grocery store pickles and I’m a fan if the Kosher Dill. However, the homemade pickles trumps all pickles. I love to try news one at the farmers markets.

This one is the greatest and once was speciality and hard to find but now Central Market carries them.

They have been on The Food Network and maybe Oprah.

I discovered these years ago, The Square Headed Germans, but they are only at one Farmers Market and have risen a bit ( like double) in price.


This one is my weekly purchase because they are at our local farmers market. Progue Mahone means Kiss My Ass is Celtic, so that made me love them more. I can eat a jar in one setting. Yum!


Let’s hope mine turn out yummy too!



One Response to “269: My Heart Melts & Pickles”

  1. starnesfam July 5, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

    So super sweet.

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