265: Addiction

8 Jul

When I went to a conference a few weeks ago, my roomie, a friend and fellow staff member got me hooked on HGTV. I have been known to watch it over the years. Something happened. I’m not sure why right now. We rent so I cannot do any home improvements. My friend, however, has every reason to watch these shows. She just bought a fixer upper and is in the big middle of a kitchen remodel. When I came home, I got Mr. Mack hooked. We now stay up late watching this shit. Getting invested in these staged shows with terrible actors. We even record this crap.

Keep in mind until a few months ago, we didn’t have cable. We are totally junkies. I’m surprised I haven’t seen it all. Surely I’m getting close.

My family has been sick all weekend so I began eating another book.


Tonight/tomorrow I stayed up until 3 AM finishing this book all the while watching HGTV in the background. I tried to go to bed at reasonable times, but this book was disturbing and I just kept rolling the book in my mind. I needed to know how it all gets solved. I was finally able to sleep once I knew.


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