264: Raising Girls

9 Jul

I’m am super lucky to have many great friendships that started in high school and college that have remained intact. We have been through boys, mean girls, relationships, engagements, marriages, deaths, births, new mommyhood, jobs, 20s, 30s, & soon 40s. That’s a lot of life. I am proud of the women & mothers they have become. A few of these people, I am privileged to be raising girls along side of while being ong time friends.

Today, Missy Mack and I traveled to Katy for annual mommy and daughter trip. This started the same time our Aggie girls weekend started because my friend T and I wanted our girls to be close too. Our girls, Miss A and Missy Mack are 7 months almost to the day apart. In fact, when I came to Houston for T’s baby shower, when Miss A was due any day, was the same time Mr. Mack and I announced to our friends we were expecting a baby.

Two years ago, we met in Brenham for the Blue Bell tour and lunch. Last year, we met in College Station and took the girls around a steamy Aggieland. This year, we have lunch reservations at the American Girl Bistro for the four of us. The girls are stoked.

Tonight was loud and giggly as they got excited for their two night slumber party.


And the AG dolls.


Before bed, we were treated to a performance. The adults obliged with groans, reminding ourselves that one day we will miss this….


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