262: Not Lovin This

12 Jul

We started the morning with a little crafting.


We said goodbye to our friends.


We stopped, got some lunch and then listened to The Secret Garden in the way home. The drive from Katy to Austin is a piece of cake. We get to Basdrop and we are almost home.

Just as we live the city limits, Missy Mack says she needs to use the restroom. A few minutes later, she asks me to hurry. As soon as I find a spot I pull over. As we get out of the car, she says her tummy hurts. We go, no issues. We get back on the road and I ask her if she wanted to stop and see the giant squirrel we spotted on the way to Katy. She says no, then changes her mind. I pull off for the squirrel.

Here’s the series if pictures with the squirrel.





See the last one of her holding her her stomach?

We go into this shop for some cold water. We are hit with a sugary mapley nutty candy sick smell because its a pecan gift shop where they sell candy and goodies made with pecan.

Missy Mack falls the the floor. I noticed she was sweaty. She wouldn’t get up. I got her up, we went to the restroom and just as I shut the door, Missy Mack began puking. Perfect shot in the toilet. Then, she was ready to go. I convinced her to wait and see if she needed to throw up. It was all good. We left with some water, pecan pralines and some extra bags, just in case.


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