251: Mother Daughter Book Club

24 Jul

Our new library hosts a mother daughter book club once a month. This month’s selection was The Secret Garden. A classic.


I’m always on the fence about classics. Are they relevant? How do we get kids interested in these stories of yore?

I was surprised by book club with Missy Mack. An hour was a little much for her. She tends to get shy with around new people and adults and mumbly with her words. I learned that this was super good for her. The librarian couldn’t understand anything the said. She struggled to listen and respond to the other girls. The younger girls liked the book better than the older girls. Everyone who listened to the book rather than read the book liked it. The younger girls like listening to the Yorkshire accent.

I’m looking forward to continuing with this book club. We will be out of town for the next one so I didn’t write it down. It was a contemporary selection. September is Anne of Green Gables so we excited about that.

We celebrated with popcorn and watching The Secret Garden movie. Missy Mack was good at picking out the differences between the book and the movie.


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