242: Sigh

31 Jul

Well, the doctor called and the MRI was normal, which means no tumor. Relief.

This still means I have to continue seeing specialist until we rule out other possibilities or find what is wrong. My brain has swelling and we need to get to the root of it. Other possibilities are manageable and worse case scenario is a spinal tap or spinal or brain shunt. Unpleasant, but better than a tumor.

I’m still on the verge if a breakdown. I would like to curl up and cry and sleep for days never hearing a single voice. I’m not sure how to break this to my family. I feel guilty. So, I’m just biting my tongue, fighting back the tears and drinking wine. I hope it passes soon. The stress is too much.

On another note, if you get your dog to pee on the Barbie stuff, clean it and it still smells like pee, you get rid if some Barbie stuff. Score.


One Response to “242: Sigh”

  1. starnesfam July 31, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    Well, at least you’re finding the balance. Peeing on Barbies and stuff.

    Keep us up to date!

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