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214: Solidarity

31 Aug


Last night, the ruling on Johnny Manziel signing autographs for money and possibly being suspended from playing for the Aggies this year came down. Aggies are pure winners in this deal. He was benched for the first half of this Saturdays Rice game. That’s it. The NCAA & TAMU ruled there was no evidence that he received money for the autographs. Was I surprised? Yes. I’m a relieved? Yes. I’m ready to put it behind us, move on, shut up and play ball. I hope someone tells Manziel the same.

All the Ags on my campus wore maroon today to show our solidarity for the team and Manziel today. It was fun to see all the maroon at school and listen to all those stinkin longhorn families at morning assembly whisper to each other why we were all wearing our gear?

He, he, he,

Gig ‘Em


215: Help! I’m Burning!

31 Aug


Today, we had a fire drill. Missy Mack decided she would test out what happens if you are in the bathroom when the alarm goes off. Since it was the first one, the whole school knew it was coming. She hung out in the bathroom for 15 min claiming her tummy hurt. The alarm goes off, and she stays on the stall swinging her feet until someone comes in to get her. The librarian finds her and waits for to finish up while the alarm is still blaring. The best part is when the librarian walks her to her class, her teacher is showing her green card meaning all her students are with her and accounted for. I teased her teacher all day long that she left my kid in the building to burn.

216: Annoyance & Love

31 Aug

Today I started teaching. This week the whole school will come to my room to play Improv games. It is so fun. I live seeing the kids smile so hard it hurts. They laugh, they giggle, they think and they have fun. Best week ever. I love my job.

Then after school, we raced to make it to swim lessons only to find out they had pushed the classes back 15 min. without any notice. Not an email or anything. It would have been nice to be notified so I would not have been stressed and pushing my kid to move faster for no reason. I know it’s only football but I’m very annoyed.

217:It’s the First Day of School

31 Aug

We all slept like Christmas Eve last night but Mr. Mack got up and made us a healthy breakfast for the first day of school. My second grader looked so grown up this morning. She was super excited and I was nervous she would have another emotional day.

We took our traditional picture out front.


Then we ran into a good friend, who is a few months older but in the grade above. They made instant friends in pre-school and I am hoping to use this photo at the rehearsal dinner.


Look at how confident she is!

We brought her sweet and outstanding teacher a little prize.


The classroom looks so fun!


I went to the doctor for a follow up today and found up how to maintenance my disorder, which basically is keep going to the doctor and checking in. I still really like this doctor.

I returned to learn that Missy Mack has the best teacher ever and LOVES 2nd grade.


218: Getting Ready

26 Aug

Tomorrow school starts and I’m not feeling it. Many of the students that I love are gone to middle school, I’ve given up student council and I got very screwed on my schedule so I don’t see the point of even teaching. On top of that, my BFF isn’t teaching this year so we aren’t riding together and I will not have her in the building any more. I am so sad. Much sadder than I thought I would be. I just don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I asked Mr. Mack if we could runaway. He said no.

Instead, BFF and I went to lunch together and shoe shopping. It was fun.

While Missy Mack was away, we redid her bedding and wall stuff in hopes of her staying in her own bed better upon return.






Tonight, Missy Mack got to read her book from her 2nd grade teacher that was saved for bed time tonight. She was so excited!




In the poem it was about sprinkling some magic confetti under your pillow to help you sleep since you might be nervous. It was so cute! She was excited. Darling!
Here’s to a good year!


219: Soaking Up Summer

26 Aug

Today, I hope we started a new tradition. We had a day if fun as our last day of summer blow out.

We started our day at Home Slice Pizza, our favorite. I’m afraid it might be our last because it was the longest lunch ever.




We went for frozen yogurt and then to the mall. It was a mad house. My 3 day old phone already broke so we had to get it fixed. While it got fixed, I went school shopping. For me. I got shoes and pants. Yeah me!

Then we headed to the main event. The Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus. No judgement animal rights people. I love the circus and I have waited a loooong time to take Missy Mack to the circus. We went to the pre show and did cotton candy. Not the works, but it was super fun.




220: Lemonade Disaster

26 Aug

Mr. Mack is in charge of the lemonade social today, which is our meet the teacher. Usually, my mom is in charge but she’s on her way to Rome.

Here’s the text I get from Mr. Mack after the social started:
‘We are having a total meltdown about our hair. My gender has not prepared me for this moment.’

They finally arrive, Missy Mack walks into her classroom and something wasn’t how she thought it might be and she went running out and crying to my room. All my students and fsmilies leave so I can be mom. Mr. Mack talks to her loudly because he thinks she’s being ridiculous and I just let her cry. I calm her down, take back to her class and start the social process even though everyone is gone. Mr. Mack keeps coming in and out of the room announcing he has a meeting in 10, 7, 5, 3, 2 minutes. I think they were a bit nervous.

It was Dra. Ma. Tic.

Tears. Freakin out. Anger. Frustration and altogether confusion from the teacher.

Monday will be better.

I have no pictures because I feel like I was running interference.