239: Rehearsal

3 Aug

Tonight was the rehearsal and dinner. I didn’t get a single picture. It was cute. Missy Mack made fast friends with the ring bearer. They entertained each other all night.

Of course, there was drama, but thank goodness it was with Missy Mack and not with the bride or groom. While playing outside with her new friend, she decides it would be a good idea to touch a green light that is part if the decor out there. I guess because of the new light bulbs, she didn’t get that the light would be hot? Then again, why did the place have potentially dangerous light bulbs out where anyone could touch it or place something on it? At any rate, she burned her finger and came in screaming and hysterically crying. Full drama. She wasn’t sure she could fulfill her flower girl duties it hurt so bad.

Luckily, we got her bandaged up and in bed, ready for our big flower girl debut.


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