241: Staying Busy

3 Aug

I’ve decided that staying busy is the only way to cope with the waiting and fear.

Today, I took Missy Mack and a friend to see Smurfs 2. I think going on dates with my girl and her friends might be the most insightful activities. Listening to the two of them talk, sing, giggle, compromise and have fun, you can’t help but smile and learn something about your daughter.



Then we went to CHA CHA Explorers held at Scholtz Garden, a famous Austin bar that is in walking distance to the University of Texas, across from the lots where tailgates happen and caddy corner to the spot where I first met and laid eyes on Mr. Mack. This place has a huge connection to the German culture of Texas and next door is there private social club called Seanggerden , where there is a private bar, dance hall and bowling ally. Their social club gets together to sing, drink beer, bowl and party. The kids mostly loved running around on the stage.







The kids made stained glass after the famous Cologne Castle in Germany using tissue paper, contact paper and a paper frame.


Mr. Mack is super geeked out about this place and has applied for membership. I guess we will be singing Germans who drink beer and bowl and party with the old people.


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