235: Best Doctor Ever

7 Aug

Today, I went to my nephrologist appointment. I was a bit nervous because the waiting room was decorated like an expensive lawyer’s office and there was a ton of staff.

The nurse was very attentive and explained a lot. Then we went into the doctor’s office. She sat with me, asked lots of questions, went over the MRI, took notes, & made dictation in her recorder. Then had me go over to the examination table (in her office) and took out her leather doctor bag. I’m not shitting, old school doctor bag, like in an old movie. Inside her old doctor bag, was old doctors tools; a serious reflex hammer, a tuning fork and some other sharp thing. She used these tools examine me. Then she put some of my fears to rest, we talked some more and then she sent me for more tests.

I never felt rushed and I was very listened to. It was a doctor experience like no other. I’m in love.


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