234: Retina Specialist

10 Aug

Today I went to see the Retina Specialist. I had been warned that this appointment would take half a day. I expected to be waiting a lot but really you were just shuffled from test to test. First, I got my eyes checked and dilated. Then, after that set in, I saw the specialist. He talked about the ultrasound and the other tests they would do to check for calcium deposits behind my eye around my optic nerve.

I had a series of tests most of which were about bright lights being shined in my eyes. I will spots for days. Then comes the ultrasound. Tiniest room on the planet with me, Mr. Mack and the technician. They put that same cold gel on your closed eyes as they do your stomach when your pregnant. They use a wand about the size of a giant pencil that’s rounded. The technician says to ‘look up, to the right, left & down’ with your eyes closed. I find that word ‘look’ strange in this context.

The doctor confirmed that the nerve on my right eye optic nerve is swollen. I have pictures to prove it.

Here’s my left, this is what normal should be:


That black shadow is the optic normal.

Here is my right eye:


The shadow is bigger.

This doctor confirmed swelling but no calcium deposits. So we keep going to more doctors.


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