231: Reflection Day

12 Aug

We started our morning at church to listen and watch Missy Mack sing with her fellowship of new friends during the service. We sat with families who were also very proud of their children and my former students and their families that are growing up faster than my 7 year old. Once again, I was in awe of my child loving being on stage with confidence and joy. One of my favorite songs was called ‘He Plants Me Like A Seed’, which they sang with proper sign language. When I tucked Missy Mack in tonight, she told me she didn’t have a bit of stage freight.





Missy Mack started the day with a lot of attitude. We argued over hair and shirts and shoes. Then she wasn’t participating in picture time.




We went to lunch as a family and then Missy Mack and I met friends to see Planes. Cute flick. Missy Mack got called the number 2 girlfriend by the boy we went to the movie with. She worried about this all the way home. Not because she was the number 2 but because she was referred to as a girlfriend. She said, ‘surely he meant a friend that is a girl’. Funny stuff. He’s a cute boy.

We went to dinner and then the bookstore, which is serious family fun for the Macks.

My spinal tap is in the morning. I’m scared. Truly. So tonight, I made doll bracelets with Missy Mack even though I didn’t want to and it took way longer than it should have. I also read 3 extra chapters in the bed time story and talked in bed a little longer. I know you can’t die in this procedure but some how I fear things will not be the same.


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