229: Recovery

14 Aug


Well, Mr. Mack went to work and I laid still. All day. I am anxious for my mom to get here. She nicely offered to come get Missy Mack to take her to Denton while I have my staff development week. I didn’t think I was up for meeting her half way and I wanted Missy Mack to go to her swim lesson. Something about about my mom coming to me just feels comforting.

They made it here just in time for swim. We all watched Missy Mack swim level 10 of Nitro including the length of the pool. We were all so proud.

We took my mom and Pops out to eat because it is their 20th wedding anniversary. I can’t even believe they have been married for 20 years, but they have. We told Missy Mack about their wedding on the ranch. Wow! Memories.

In the middle of dinner, this massive headache set in. I went to bed when I got home and I am hoping I can make it through my first day back at work.

Nicely, my friend sent pictures from Missy Mack being at her house yesterday. She’s good with that camera.


They made me cards.


And got me flowers



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