230: Spinal Tap: Not the Movie

14 Aug

Today is the day. I am having a spinal tap. I am a nervous wreck. Mr. Mack is a nervous wreck. Missy Mack just hopes she gets to zip line at the friends house she is spending the day.

We drop her off and head to the doctor. I feel out the paper work if my life, which I have done at each specialist office. Why can’t it be universal? They send me for blood work across the street. A lot of blood work. I come back to the doctor where I find out that I get to take a Xanax. Yeah me! I put on a robe with my pajamas bottoms.

I go into the room and lay on my stomach on a hard table. There is a pillow for my knees and my head. The nurse comes in and cleans my back with several different things. Then she lays plastic and other things over my back with a hole in them for the procedure.

The doctor comes in and talks me through the process. First he looks at my spine through an X-Ray machine to find the perfect entry spot and remarks how young my spines is and how easy that will make the process. Then he injects a numbing something or other telling me the entire time it’s like a fire ant sting, which I guess is accurate if you don’t attempt to swat the fire ant away. The sting lingers a bit a longer than I hoped. Next comes the big needle that goes in through the skin and muscles and hits the sac where it measures your opening pressure. The doctor explains that the number they are looking for is 15 or under. He immediately knows that it will be high because it is rising so quickly. My pressure ends up at a 22. My neurologist didn’t leave order to relieve the pressure so he has his nurse call my doctor while I’m on the table. They are closed for lunch so the doctor asks his nurse to call her from his cell on her cell. He gets the approval to relieve the pressure. He pulls off 15 cc’s of fluid and then begins the other parts of test. I guess I had the needle in me for about 20 min.

The explains the tests will take a week and they will look for bacteria, infection, fungi, disease, cells that should not be there and a list of other things. This will all explain why my pressure is high and my nerve is inflamed. The tests may come back normal, which is common that they can’t explain why the pressure is high. In either case, there is medication to reduce the pressure.

We are on our way to answers.

They roll me over on a stretcher and wheel me into recovery where Mr. Mack comes to sit with me until they allow me to leave.

I got home and now I lay flat for 24 hours and try not to get a spinal headache.


2 Responses to “230: Spinal Tap: Not the Movie”

  1. starnesfam August 14, 2013 at 6:11 am #

    Almost didn’t make it through. OMG. You are amazing. Keep us updated.

  2. Cindy August 14, 2013 at 3:11 pm #

    Thinking of you and hoping you get answers soon !

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