227: Results

17 Aug

I went to the neurologist this morning. She came in with her Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman doctor bag and listened to me describe the pain I was in and my fear of driving. She had results from the spinal tap. All good. No diseases, bacteria, fungus, etc. Just an over production of spinal fluid. This fluid circulates around your spine and through your brain three times a day. I am over producing this fluid so it is putting pressure on my optic nerve and brain. Medication will reduce the production and pressure. It takes 4 weeks to ramp up on this medication. It is called Intercarnial Hypertension. It’s good to have answers.

Today, my pain is due to a spinal headache and severe migraine. She sent me away with samples to heal, rest for two more days and her cell phone number in case it doesn’t get better and I need a blood patch. I am scared to death of that blood patch, which is taking your own blood and patching it into to spot where they extracted the spinal fluid. This process can only be done in a hospital. No thanks.

I have extreme guilt for not being at the mandatory two day conference that my district is putting on. My doctor assures me that as a seasoned teacher, that they will survive without me. I’m sure they will but it doesn’t make the guilt go away.

One Response to “227: Results”

  1. starnesfam August 19, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    I’m so glad you have answers. Now get rid of the guilt!

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