218: Getting Ready

26 Aug

Tomorrow school starts and I’m not feeling it. Many of the students that I love are gone to middle school, I’ve given up student council and I got very screwed on my schedule so I don’t see the point of even teaching. On top of that, my BFF isn’t teaching this year so we aren’t riding together and I will not have her in the building any more. I am so sad. Much sadder than I thought I would be. I just don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I asked Mr. Mack if we could runaway. He said no.

Instead, BFF and I went to lunch together and shoe shopping. It was fun.

While Missy Mack was away, we redid her bedding and wall stuff in hopes of her staying in her own bed better upon return.






Tonight, Missy Mack got to read her book from her 2nd grade teacher that was saved for bed time tonight. She was so excited!




In the poem it was about sprinkling some magic confetti under your pillow to help you sleep since you might be nervous. It was so cute! She was excited. Darling!
Here’s to a good year!



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