220: Lemonade Disaster

26 Aug

Mr. Mack is in charge of the lemonade social today, which is our meet the teacher. Usually, my mom is in charge but she’s on her way to Rome.

Here’s the text I get from Mr. Mack after the social started:
‘We are having a total meltdown about our hair. My gender has not prepared me for this moment.’

They finally arrive, Missy Mack walks into her classroom and something wasn’t how she thought it might be and she went running out and crying to my room. All my students and fsmilies leave so I can be mom. Mr. Mack talks to her loudly because he thinks she’s being ridiculous and I just let her cry. I calm her down, take back to her class and start the social process even though everyone is gone. Mr. Mack keeps coming in and out of the room announcing he has a meeting in 10, 7, 5, 3, 2 minutes. I think they were a bit nervous.

It was Dra. Ma. Tic.

Tears. Freakin out. Anger. Frustration and altogether confusion from the teacher.

Monday will be better.

I have no pictures because I feel like I was running interference.


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