221: Today’s The Today

26 Aug

I love this day every year for two reasons:
1. My district puts in the most inspirational uplifting convocation each year. It gives you so much hope and pride.
2. My kid comes home from her Camp Honey experience.

First, I get to convocation and I was already excited because my neighbor at school was chosen as the district teacher if the year so she is one of our speakers. I am just so nervous and excited for her bi look at my program and one of my former students is playing an amazing piano piece for us as a middle schooler (usually its HS students). I was just bursting with pride the whole time he was playing.


Then came our Teacher of the year.



She did an amazing job! Everyone did! The whole morning made me hopeful for my daughter and my students. I’m so impressed with the high school student’s talent and it energizes me to give my best to my students and staff.

Then Mr. Mack and I drove to Waco to pick up Missy Mack. There she was a little taller with bangs and a lot more sass from never hearing the word no, staying up too late and eating too much junk food. I guess that’s what grandparents are for but this close to school starting is a recipe for trouble.


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