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186: Mom Update & Shoe Shopping

28 Sep

My mom is home and has test results back. The pictures from earlier are in fact a reaction from the cream she was given to put on the bites from the No-See-Ums. Then, the shot made it all worse. She has been given strong doses of prednisone, which is making it difficult to rest. Luckily, she lightens up on the doses this weekend. It may take more than a month for the rash to go away. I still wish I would have gone.

On to shoe shopping. Our Missy Mack just keeps growing. In May, we had to buy new tennis shoes and ballet shoes. We learned she is on to youth/adult sizes, 3 1/2 with some growing room in both. Already neither shoe fits. Luckily, my principal’s daughter has been handing down ballet shoes. I have her in one of those pair with no growing room at a 4 1/2.

Today, Missy Mack had a lesson in different brands fit peoples feet differently. She wanted all the stylish high heeled spinning shoes. It took a good 15 to explain we were there for a good athletic shoe. She convinced us to consider a sketcher tennis shoe with no flare other than being really cute. It fit, but it was wide because her very long foot is narrow so I explained that some brands would help with long narrow feet. I finally convinced her to just try my options to see how they feel. I brought one of a few brands. She felt the difference and I was convincing so she went looking for another brand and found one to try. She loved it but she needed a half size bigger. I could only find it in another color, which she ultimately chose because while playing hide and seek, these were better for sneaking.

Whatever, I still win.


187: Power Day

28 Sep


Today, is potluck for teachers, International Day at school, the first Brownie hike, Brownie night at Austin Pizza and a mentoring day for me. Lots to do.

Mr. Mack made Scottish shortbread for Missy Mack to take to school and share with her class. I made two salads for the potluck. Missy Mack and I dressed in our Scottish attire, which I changed out of to head to mentor.


Then, I met up with the Brownie hikers, who got rained on.


The rain cleared, briefly, and we headed to Austin Pizza for play, fun and food. We got new uniforms, books and bags. The girls were so excited. They created The Bob Show. It was really funny and entertaining.


Then, the sky opened up and the water flowed. The girls didn’t care. They ran and danced and played in the rain. It was great fun.


Then we loaded our soggy selves into our car and headed home, where we collapsed into bed.

188: #REXSTRONG Surprise

28 Sep

The Ryan family head home today with their baby putting their whole family under one roof for the first time in two weeks now minus a tumor and tubes coming out of their son, who has chemicals pumping through him helping him fight, and loaded with new knowledge that they would most likely rather not know. They are staring new routines but returning to familiar ones they missed. Lesley writes a beautiful post about it here.

Today, I received this picture in a private message on FB from a teacher Lesley and I worked with for one year with a message. The message was that her husband was riding in a race this weekend benefiting cancer research and the night before he decided to dedicate his ride to Rex. They live in Arizona. It reminds me how quickly our small message of courage and hope and spread and impact others.



189: One More Dot Day Post

28 Sep


My Dot Day make your mark sheet got hung up today and just looks so wonderful on the wall. I had to share.



190: Disgust

28 Sep


This is the reason why I don’t like to give Missy Mack breakfast in the car, but clearly I do. Gross!

She was riding in another person’s car so we took out her booster and this what we found under the seat. Needless to say, I spent my me time at the car wash having the seats detailed. I paid a shit load of dollars for that mess that I had to assure the gentleman wasn’t vomit. Let’s remember she is not a toddler. She’s seven. The gentleman strongly suggested mats for my seat.

I think her seat is a bio-hazard.

191: Routines

28 Sep

I love it when the routines start to settle in finally. I guess I will never be good at providing healthy sit down breakfast in the morning before we leave for school 10 minutes before 7 AM. It is difficult to convince Missy Mack to eat in the morning this early. She says she isn’t hungry and truthfully I’m not either. Intellitually, I know her brain and body need this fuel to make it through the morning at school, but we keep going.

After school , she gangs out with other teacher’s children while I get my work done. We leave before middle school and high school traffic and head to swim. I head to jazzercise and Mr. Mack makes dinner. We do homework and bath and talk and read and go to bed. Well, Mr. Mack and I do more work and then go to bed.

I miss summer but I like the routine.

192: In My Head Day

24 Sep

Today, I spent a lot of time ranting in my head. Friday night, I tried to have a convo with Mr. Mack that I should go to my mom it turned horribly wrong in such a shocking way that dropped it. Instead of me getting to march into the room and announce I would be going alone to take care of my mom, he announces he is going to go. What? He has become a little too possessive or bossy or something with me and snaps out these judgements. I have started to hold back sharing information as to not hear how he feels about it. I’d like to just get in the car and call him when I get to my moms.

Instead, today, I drove to the children’s hospital to drop off a gift for Rex. I drove alone, in my car, the route I wanted to go and took as long as I wanted. I later visited a friend and just had a quiet day to myself.

Sometimes I wonder if I have lost myself or if something is wrong that I don’t rant and rave when feel this way. Then I think, maybe it’s just a day, a funk. It will pass. He means well. It’s not worth a fight. Is it? Not sure.

I guess I’ll see how long the funk lasts. How fragile am I ?