210: Level 2

4 Sep

For way too long Missy Mack has been on station 10 Level 1 at her swim school. All the people her age have moved on and for weeks she has done the level with no feedback but hasn’t passed and is the oldest in the class. This week when she finished the class, I had watched her swim the length of the pool perfectly just like had previous weeks, but she said they didn’t say anything to her. She didn’t know if she passed or not. Rewind to this morning; I asked her how she was feeling about swim today and she said it didn’t matter. She tried her best every week and it never mattered. She would never be perfect. She had given up on herself. I gave her a little pep talk. I told her I believed in her and that I just felt like today was the day.

When she had no idea how the lesson ended, I went into the pool room, which is a no no zone for parents. I intended on asking the monitor where we were on this and what we could do to help just some feedback. I happened to open the door just when the owner walked by and he asked how he could help. I explained my daughter just finished class and had been on station forever and she wasn’t sure if she passed or not. Without hesitation, he said, I’ll grab a swim shirt and let’s see if we can get her past this level. Sure enough, he had Missy Mack back that pool cheering her on and moved her up to Level 2. He talked to her about it being a much tougher class and that she was going need to be really serious about swimming and become really strong.

I was so proud. I also didn’t feel like ‘that’ mom. I appreciate the way he took time for my child. How he listened to me and he made Missy Mack feel like her accomplishment was big because it is.



She got a special shirt and photo and Mr. Mack and I took her out for burgers and shakes.

Way to go Missy Mack!


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