194: No-See-Ums

23 Sep

The phone rings at 6:15 AM yesterday and it was my step dad to tell me that my mom was in the hospital. A fees ago, she went to Rome and was bitten by a bug called No-See-Ums, which is a blood sucking mosquito type bug that lives near sand. She didn’t notice them until she got home. They itched. She went to the doctor. He gave her creams. They didn’t work. She had an allergic reaction to a shot she was given to reduce infection and became very ill. Here is what her leg looks like.



Luckily, they released her by the end if the day. Her fever is better. She was confused and not letting anyone touch her in the hospital. They took a biopsy of the skin on her leg and can’t really do anything until then. Since she wasn’t resting due to her confusion, the drugged her up and sent her home.

This is the one time I would really like to live close so I could just pop in and check on her, see her, hug her.


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