186: Mom Update & Shoe Shopping

28 Sep

My mom is home and has test results back. The pictures from earlier are in fact a reaction from the cream she was given to put on the bites from the No-See-Ums. Then, the shot made it all worse. She has been given strong doses of prednisone, which is making it difficult to rest. Luckily, she lightens up on the doses this weekend. It may take more than a month for the rash to go away. I still wish I would have gone.

On to shoe shopping. Our Missy Mack just keeps growing. In May, we had to buy new tennis shoes and ballet shoes. We learned she is on to youth/adult sizes, 3 1/2 with some growing room in both. Already neither shoe fits. Luckily, my principal’s daughter has been handing down ballet shoes. I have her in one of those pair with no growing room at a 4 1/2.

Today, Missy Mack had a lesson in different brands fit peoples feet differently. She wanted all the stylish high heeled spinning shoes. It took a good 15 to explain we were there for a good athletic shoe. She convinced us to consider a sketcher tennis shoe with no flare other than being really cute. It fit, but it was wide because her very long foot is narrow so I explained that some brands would help with long narrow feet. I finally convinced her to just try my options to see how they feel. I brought one of a few brands. She felt the difference and I was convincing so she went looking for another brand and found one to try. She loved it but she needed a half size bigger. I could only find it in another color, which she ultimately chose because while playing hide and seek, these were better for sneaking.

Whatever, I still win.


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