191: Routines

28 Sep

I love it when the routines start to settle in finally. I guess I will never be good at providing healthy sit down breakfast in the morning before we leave for school 10 minutes before 7 AM. It is difficult to convince Missy Mack to eat in the morning this early. She says she isn’t hungry and truthfully I’m not either. Intellitually, I know her brain and body need this fuel to make it through the morning at school, but we keep going.

After school , she gangs out with other teacher’s children while I get my work done. We leave before middle school and high school traffic and head to swim. I head to jazzercise and Mr. Mack makes dinner. We do homework and bath and talk and read and go to bed. Well, Mr. Mack and I do more work and then go to bed.

I miss summer but I like the routine.


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