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161: Parent Projects

29 Oct

I hate parent projects. I hate them. I do think there is something to be said for a project together. Last year, second grade started do these pumpkin book reports and they were so dang cute but they were so darn parent done and I hate that. It’s a lot of pressure. A lot.

It was our turn. Missy Mack picked Silvericious as her book. Like smart teachers, they have the kids do all the real work at school and then we decorate a pumpkin to look like the main character at home. We have been planning and discussing for awhile in hopes that our pumpkin making would be ‘Fun’ like Mrs. P, her teacher, said it would be.

We had a few tiffs and Mr. Mack wanted to throw the pumpkin away. Now I understand why all those damn pumpkins end up being parent made.

It turned out pretty cute!





162: Freakin Cute

21 Oct

Look at this freakin cute and crazy thing Mr. Mack and I saw this weekend.



That is a tiny fuffakins dog on the dash of an 18 wheeler.

164: Goblin Glow

21 Oct

I love Halloween.

Our lake community does the coolest thing. It’s called the Goblin Glow. Missy Mack calls it The Great Goblin Glow.

Here’s what happens, kids dress up in the Halloween costumes, and trick or treat at lit up hot air balloons. Pretty awesome. There’s a band and a few vendors but the hot air balloons are the main event.





165: It’s Great To Be Eight

21 Oct

My itty bitty 5lb baby turns 8 years old today. I’m not ready for this. I have felt sad about this growth from the very beginning. Every time I put away clothes or but new shoes, I cry. My little girl is growing up. She is changing. Her face is changing and her legs are just too damn long.

She woke up to her first gift of a long time favorite book. It’s a collection of stories where the main characters are 8 years old.


We surprised her at lunch. Mr. Mack brought her lunch and ate with her. Her teacher, had a birthday cape made for the bday kid that is so cute.


When Missy Mack and I got home from school, she got her bday present, an doll kitchen. She loved it.


Missy Mack requested going to the high school football game. It was homecoming so we got to see all the excitement.




Missy Mack ran with her buddy all night at the game.


We got home with an hour left in the day. It was fun even though she’s a year older.

166: My School is the Arc

19 Oct

My school has flooded. Two grade levels have been displaced. There are small children all on top of each other in every corner of our building attempting to have school as usual. 6 classrooms flooded with mold creeping up the wall and our gym is unusable.

We have one grade level in a giant space with teachers tag teaching throughout the day.


It is amazing how resilient these children are throughout the entire day. It blows your mind as you walk by and see these children having business as unusual in a very unusual situation.

Another grade level has a class and half packed into the side of our computer lab.


Today, they learned more work needs to be done, more tests need to be run and another week will be spent in these make shift conditions. The poor teachers were bummed out.

167: The Headache Journal Continued

19 Oct

I have learned that I will not keep a journal on my phone like I thought about my headaches. I thought maybe a calendar would work but I could find one with the correct dates since I’m looking for one in October. Mr. Mack suggested I look for a journal or calendar app. Good call.

Guess what? There are apps made for headache tracking with triggers and meds, length of headache and how it affected your ability to function. Some can even send the info to your doc. There are apps for other pain tracking. Amazing!

Why can’t I come up with the next big app?

168: A Sweet Ending

18 Oct

Today, I got a sweet treat from the BFF. She brought yummy treats and a yummy boy for me to read with while Mr. Mack made us dinner.