184: Sad Day

1 Oct

This day is always sad for me. For no one else but me. It’s my sad day. September 30th will always be my sad day. I guess one day I’ll have another and hope that’s it. Just two.

Today is the day my dad died 7 years ago. I can still relive that strange day over in my mind and the many strange days that followed. It’s like that line in the YaYas, ‘I dropped my basket’. That’s how I felt after. Grief is so weird. It has had a tight hold on me all day. I have screwed my eyes shut so many times fighting back the tears that need to spill from my eyes. The moment my feet hit the floor, in the car when my perceptive daughter picked up on the mood, sending a random email, when I called my mom, when I was forced into an event tonight and as I lay here realizing I just miss him.

My daughter fought with her friends about my dad’s death today. She told someone what today was and that I was sad and she was sad. Her friend said, so, I never even met my grandma. The went back and forth about which was worse. They got friends to chime in. Missy Mack’s feelings were hurt because her friend was getting more attention. I am so disgusted my this situation. I just told she was wrong and they were both wrong to try and get attention over their dead grandparents.

Here are the last pictures if my dad. I wish I had the energy to go find pictures of him when he looks healthier. Here’s to my sad day.




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