173: On the Road

16 Oct

Missy Mack and I checked out of school early today to head to H&P’s house. We haven’t been in a long time, we have a 3 day weekend and Mr. Mack has to work all weekend. Missy Mack was about to pop with excitement over getting out of school early. I realized that being a teacher’s kid, she had never experienced getting out of school early.

Mr. Mack was dreading us leaving. He also thinks I’m made of glass. He spent the week trying to convince me to let him drive us up there and then meeting us somewhere on Monday. He thinks I can’t drive us or something. It’s so weird. I did escape and got Missy Mack and I to Denton safely.

We arrived in time for dinner. We went to Frilly’s (my fave) and were treated to The One Man Band and he played Single Ladies before we left. I also ran into a friend I taught with 13 years ago. That was fun except the part where I called her by her former last name and her husband was pissed.

We got home and celebrated Pop’s bday.




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